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A permissive creative way of working for innovative customer solutions

The digital possibilities and forms of communication are developing at an ever faster pace. SMS still holds the position as the most used and fastest read way to communicate. SMS as a platform and how it can be used is also continuously developed, as are the systems around it that allow everything from mass sending to connections to other interactive systems, for example for [...]

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Sure to be read – and quickly? Use SMS!

Your mobile screen lights up or the phone makes the characteristic sound: you have received an SMS. The statistics speak for themselves - within a few minutes you will have read it. It is clear that among all the information channels and despite all the opportunities we have to communicate, we prioritize SMS. There, too, the statistics speak [...]

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Crisis management with SMS – Then communication is essential

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, many have opened their eyes to the importance of fast, efficient and accurate crisis information. It is also about ensuring that the information reaches out and that it can be easily received and understood by the recipients. As with everything else, this works best if you are prepared. Which target group(s) […]

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SMS reduces truancy

The areas of use for SMS are almost endless. Only our imagination sets limits and Bredängsskolan in Stockholm has come up with an efficient and smart way. In Stockholm's elementary schools, truancy has been reduced drastically after the introduction of text messages to parents in case of non-attendance of the student at school. When the schools started sending out SMS, the attendance figures shot [...]

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What do you lose in your contact with customers?

Win time, money and reach your goals with the help of our SMS services! Advantages of customer contact via SMS. You reach out in a personal way with the least possible environmental impact. In addition, you save a lot of money if you compare with traditional advertising or mailings, for example. Some examples of what communication with customers can cost in both money and time. Calculated […]