Send SMS from the computer easily and securely Web SMS

Business messaging with Web SMS

Using Business Messaging is a simple and effective way to communicate with customers, members or colleagues.

With our Web SMS service, you can send SMS from your computer to one or more mobile numbers directly from your browser.

Business messaging with Web SMS - A user friendly web interface for SMS communication

SMS as a means of communication offers a number of advantages, for example:


Sending SMS with Web SMS is easy. You can send SMS to one or more mobile numbers directly from your browser.


Web SMS offers a wide range of functions that make it possible to customize your SMS sendings. For example, you can send timed SMS, attach files as links, and create conversations.


Web SMS can be used for all types of communication needs, whether you need to send individual SMS or SMS campaigns to large groups.

Some of our satisfied customers

The Church of Sweden sends SMS from the computer with Web SMS
SUNET The Swedish Research Council sends SMS from the computer via integration
The Theft Protection Association sends SMS from the computer using Web SMS
A large number of Rotary clubs send SMS from the computer using Web SMS
The auto expert sends SMS from the computer using Web SMS
Nordic Capital sends SMS from the computer with Web SMS

Business Messaging covers a lot of areas

  • Contact management
  • Tome controlled SMS
  • Attach files as links
  • Conversations
  • Text templates
  • Insert contact data
  • Emoticons
  • Two-way SMS traffic
  • Opt-out
  • User system
  • Alpha-numerical senders
  • Bulk sendings
  • Virtual numbers
Send SMS from the computer: illustration of the flow

iP.1 offers a range of flexible SMS services that allow you to send SMS from the computer directly to mobile numbers by uploading an excel file, or by importing numbers into our smart contact service. With timed SMS, you can also plan in advance and send your SMS on a specific day and time.

Send and Receive SMS

Business Messaging with Web SMS also gives you the opportunity to receive replies to your SMS so that you can communicate with your recipients. With a so-called virtual number, the recipient can reply to your messages, just like when they send an SMS to a regular mobile number.

In Web SMS, incoming messages end up in a flow together with your sent SMS, which gives you a good overview of the communication.

With smart functionality in the SMS flow, you can reply to incoming messages with the push of a button and also mark them as read so that you can keep track of managed messages.

SMS communication in all forms

Web SMS together with one of our other web services gives you the opportunity to cover all your communication needs. Regardless of whether you need to send SMS from the computer with information to a single recipient or if you want to send out an SMS campaign to 100,000 mobile numbers at the same time, iP.1 has the service for you!

With our app selector, you can easily switch between our SMS services with the push of a button. Send information, reminders, confirmations, surveys or campaigns to your contacts that you import into the common contact service.

For large volumes, you are welcome to contact us then we will send you a quote.

Lets us help you get started!

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Send and receive SMS with the help of Web SMS

What are the advantages of Business Messaging?

Wide range:

Despite being 30 years old, SMS has a wide reach and it can be sent to any mobile device that has the ability to receive an SMS and arrives almost instantly. This makes SMS accessible to an extremely large target audience as it requires no internet connection to be delivered.

Immediate delivery

SMS is usually delivered instantly or within seconds, ensuring that your message reaches the recipient promptly. This makes it an ideal channel for time-sensitive or urgent communications.

High opening frequency

Compared to other communication channels, such as e-mail, SMS has a significantly higher opening rate. People tend to open and read SMS faster, which also increases the chances that your message will be seen.

Direct and personal communication

With Business Messaging, you can send personal messages, which creates a more intimate and one-to-one communication experience, for example when confirming orders or making appointments. This can increase customer engagement and build stronger relationships.