Crisis management with SMS – Then communication is essential

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, many have opened their eyes to the importance of fast, efficient and accurate crisis information. It is also about ensuring that the information reaches out and that it can be easily received and understood by the recipients.

As with everything else, this works best if you are prepared. Which target group(s) need to be reached, through which channels they are reached best and fastest and who is responsible for the communication are questions that can be prepared. The content - yes, it is clearly about the current situation and what then needs to be communicated.

If a crisis occurs, there may be a need to be able to disseminate information both internally and externally. Internally, it can be about gathering for meetings physically or digitally, posting information on the intranet, e-mail or via SMS. Externally, it can be about websites, e-mail and SMS.

In the crisis situation, it is important to be clear and to communicate regularly. Even if you have nothing new to offer, regularity creates security and, moreover, a message may need to be repeated a number of times to sink in with the recipients.

The home arena for iP.1 is SMS, many years of experience and expertise in mass mailings means that we want to give this form of communication an extra punch as part of the channel mix.
It is still the form of message that recipients react to the fastest and that is why SMS has such an impact. In a crisis situation, SMS can be used both for direct information in a message and indirect information by pointing to websites, giving contact information, etc.

Crisis management with SMS reaches out quickly and can be used at a high frequency if necessary. Large volumes of SMS are no problem today and there are services such as iP.1's capacity-SMS that easily and quickly handle mass sending of SMS.