What do you lose in your contact with customers?

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Advantages of customer contact via SMS. You reach out in a personal way with the least possible environmental impact.
In addition, you save a lot of money if you compare with traditional advertising or mailings, for example.

Some examples of what communication with customers can cost in both money and time. Counted on contact with 1000 people.

Printing cost = SEK xxx
SEK 6:50/letter * 1000 people = SEK 6500
Environmental impact = A lot of paper, letters, shipping by car or/and air.

Advertisement in newspaper
xx cm* xx cm in newspaper = SEK 7,500 or more
Environmental impact = paper, printing ink, delivery of newspaper, etc

39 öre/SMS * 1000 = SEK 390
Environmental impact = none known
+ You reach the recipient more efficiently
+ You arrive DIRECTLY
About 95% reads its SMS within 1 minute

Other ways of contacting customers should also be taken into account.
In addition to advertising and mailings, you can also contact customers through phone calls, e-mails and social media, among other things. Mail and social media are easily lost in the crowd and are not as personal as an SMS can be. SMS is unbeatable in all situations.

Call customers
Personnel cost for calling 1000 people.
The time it takes to contact 1000 people.
The response? How many respond?
Cost per minute?

Is free and does not feel as valuable to the recipient. Therefore, it is easily drowned in the great media noise.

Social Media
If you don't promote your posts, it's free and easily drowns out among all the other posts in the big media noise.

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