A permissive creative way of working for innovative customer solutions

The digital possibilities and forms of communication are developing at an ever faster pace. SMS still holds the position as the most used and fastest read way to communicate.

SMS as a platform and how it can be used is also continuously developing, as are the systems around it that allow everything from mass mailings to connections to other interactive systems, for example for surveys, booking systems or shopping.

- iP.1's goal is to be at the forefront of the use of SMS both by developing own solutions for even better customer benefits or more tailored solutions together with customers, says Leif Alvarsson, CEO of iP.1.

In that context, it is vital to have a corporate culture that is not only about being able to refine technical solutions and programming, but that also promotes innovation, idea generation and creativity. This in turn requires a permissive culture where all ideas and thoughts are encouraged, where nothing is suppressed because it is wrong.

- At iP.1, we work based on such a philosophy and encourage everyone to think freely. We are constantly looking for new inspiration from different directions in order to become even sharper in creative creation and think we have found a good model for this, says Leif. A model that itself develops over time.

Some time ago, Leif Alvarsson was interviewed about how iP1 works with its creative idea work during a digital seminar that dealt with how companies can utilize this power in their organizations. Please take a look at the interview and let yourself be inspired.

If you want to know more about how iP.1 can help your company develop innovative solutions around your SMS-based services or find new areas of use for them, contact us at info@ip1.se.