Smart Business Messaging from iP.1

SMS reach out for real! With Business Messaging from IP.1 you know that you will get through the noise

We offer Business Messaging for both small and large businesses regardless of area of use!

Business Messaging for Everyone

We at iP.1 offer Business Messaging for companies, regardless of size and area of ​​use.

  • Information via SMS
  • SMS Reminders
  • SMS Discount Codes
  • Vacancy mediation via SMS
  • SMS notifications
  • Order confirmations via SMS
  • SMS alarms
  • SMS Invites
  • SMS Appointments
  • SMS Check Ins
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SMS Marketing

Send an SMS to supermany with Capacity SMS

SMS marketing is both simple and cost-effective, especially with a tool like Capacity SMS. With a few button presses, you have created a personal SMS campaign thanks to smart connections to the contact app.

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Business Messaging

Web SMS lets you easily send out SMS from your computer directly from your browser

Web SMS In combination with one of our other web services gives you the opportunity to cover all your communication needs, regardless of whether you need to send SMS with information to a single recipient or if you want to send out an SMS campaign to 100,000 mobile numbers at the same time.

Product icon SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Integrate SMS in your software Lightning fast with our SMS API

With the help of our SMS Gateway, you can implement SMS functionality, regardless of the area of ​​use, in your existing systems/applications.

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SMS From Outlook

e-SMS gives you the possibility to send SMS directly from Outlook

e-SMS gives you the opportunity to send SMS from Outlook to, for example, send invitations, reminders, crisis communication or reach out with business-critical information quickly and easily!