Sure to be read – and quickly? Use SMS!

It lights up on your mobile screen or the phone makes the characteristic sound: you have received an SMS. The statistics speak for themselves - within a few minutes you will have read it. It is clear that among all information channels and despite all the opportunities we have to communicate, SMS is prioritized. There, too, the statistics speak for themselves. As many as 16 million text messages are sent every minute around the world. It is surpassed in volume only by e-mail, but the chance of being read quickly is significantly less and a large amount of e-mail is not read at all but goes straight to the trash without being opened.

The power of consciously or unconsciously forcing oneself to be concise and concise is one of the success factors of SMS. Another is the time saving compared to phoning, for example. This strength means that SMS is used in everything from quick messages between family members to reminders of booked appointments to offers from stores' customer clubs.

It is all these strong arguments for SMS that have made iP1 focus on SMS as a communication channel. The services range from informative mass mailings to customer surveys. Everything built on the basis of getting a broad and quick response. Create a test account with us today and see how easily and quickly you can gain access to a range of different uses that make your communication with customers, members or others you want to reach, simple and rational. The response will not be long in coming!