SMS marknadsföring med Capacity SMS

SMS marketing the easy way

Capacity SMS allows you to send SMS marketing to hundreds of thousands of recipients simultaneously via a smooth and simple web interface.

Upload your numbers, write your message and press send, then it's done! SMS marketing should be easy, with Capacity SMS it will be super simple!

Get personal in your marketing

SMS marketing is both simple and cost-effective, especially with a tool like Capacity SMS. With a few button presses, you have created a personal SMS campaign thanks to smart connections to the contact app.

Insert first and last name, shoe sizes, favorite clothing brands, only your imagination and your knowledge of your customers set the limits!

As simple as that!

Upload your contacts, compose your marketing message and hit send!

Please take a look at the video next to this to see how easy it is to create an SMS campaign using text templates and contact labels.

“Vi har samarbetat med iP.1 på den Svenska marknaden sedan 2014 och i Italien hade vi vår första SMS-kampanj 2018. Vi skickar årligen ett antal SMS-kampanjer till våra kunder. SMS är ett väldigt viktigt verktyg för oss för att att öka orderfrekvens och försäljning. Vi är mycket nöjda med vårt samarbete med iP.1. De har en hög expertis på området och såväl rekommendationer som servicekvalité håller en excellent nivå”

Ulrike Gode – Senior Manager, Sonja Paulus – Marketing Manager, Sieh An

Feel confident in your marketing

We at iP.1 believe in your and your customers' integrity. Our system is GDPR-secured from top to toe and we do not share your or your customers' data.

With a smart storage system, you can decide for yourself how long we will store your campaigns or SMS and you have control over your contacts that you save in our systems

Let SMS marketing Boost your sales

An SMS is read within 90 seconds by 90% of those who receive your message.

No other channel has the penetration that SMS has, making it an excellent sales channel! Through our smart landing pages, you can also get even closer to the customer with your offer!

Efficient management of mobile numbers

With our contact system, you can create labels for your mobile numbers so that you can easily market at the target group level.

You also have the option of uploading a file (Comma separated, excel etc.) with your mobile numbers to reach out in no time.

SMS marketing on your terms!

Capacity SMS is packed with smart functionality so you can market via SMS on your terms!

  • Scheduling
  • Contact system
  • Smart templating
  • Opt-out
  • Two-way SMS traffic
  • Landing pages
  • Campaign statistics
  • Recipient via file
  • Alpha-numerical senders
  • Adaptation target group
  • Segmented sendings
  • AI templates
  • AI text summarizing

Create mobile-friendly landing pages

Let your brand speak for itself by creating your own unique content in the Capacity SMS smart campaign editor. Now you can also create mobile-friendly landing pages for your campaigns according to your graphic profile using our iP.1 AI

What should I consider when marketing via SMS?

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