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SMS is a communication channel that offers an incredible number of uses

Take a look at our articles to find out how others are using SMS and communication services from iP.1!

SMS Marketing is a very important instrument to increase sales for Your look...for Less!

The international mail-order company "Your Look...for Less!" (YLFL) has been established in Sweden since 2012. YLFL offers a wide range of fashion for women at reasonable prices. When YLFL was launched in Sweden, one of the challenges was to generate traffic to their webshop.

After analyzing various types of marketing channels, they chose to test SMS as one of the channels to reach out to their customers, which has been highly appreciated by their shoppers.

iP.1 streamlines customer measurements for 700 driving schools

Manual mailing of questionnaires and reminders are now a distant memory for the Swedish Association of Driving Schools, STR, and all its members, thanks to the continuous automatic SMS distribution from iP.1

Bravida sends SMS via Outlook 2013 – a unique service

Being able to send e-SMS directly via Outlook has long been a valued service. For some time now, iP1 has been able to offer this function also for users of Outlook 2013, as one of the very few players on the market. Among the diligent users is the nationwide installation company Bravida. “My colleagues and I use the system daily to send […]

iP.1 evaluates Skaraborgsdagen live with the help of Survey SMS

In January 2017, over 300 decision-makers from Skaraborg's fifteen municipalities gathered for Skaraborgsdagen in Vara concert hall to discuss future issues, with a series of well-known speakers. Skaraborg's municipal association was the host, while Next Skövde were the organizers. Before the event, Survey SMS was sent to all invitees to map expectations for the day, with a response rate of a whopping 70 […]

iP.1 SMS integrated into Flex HRM for personnel administration

Flex Applications in Örebro develops systems for personnel administration – tools for, for example, time reporting, scheduling, travel invoices, salaries and HR support for companies of all sizes. For a few years now, Flex Applications has been offering its customers integrated SMS services from iP.1.

iP.1 helps The Church of Sweden to evaluate the The operation

 The Church of Sweden in Lidköping has been using Analysis-SMS for many years in its work to evaluate and follow up the youth activities in the congregation, which has a total of around 12,000 members. Together with iP.1, we have developed a superbly flexible tool for evaluating the quality of our confirmation teaching and our other youth groups. Analysis SMS saves a lot […]

iP.1 develops specially adapted tools for the Police for employee dialogue

Police - a varied and interesting job where you feel that you are making an important contribution to society, but which can be tough and stressful at the same time. An important part of ensuring that the staff is in focus at the Police and that they are supported in their professional role and development are the employee dialogues. These of course take place individually, but some in [...]

RixData Integrates invitations via SMS through iP.1 SMS Gateway

More and more IT companies are turning to iP.1 to integrate automatic SMS into various software. The need for smart SMS functions is increasing and the iP.1 takes on the challenge of integrating SMS into existing systems in as simple and smooth a way as possible. The most recent addition is the IT company RixData, which since 1985 has built journal programs and journal systems in the healthcare industry [...]

Gardeco Business system with integrated SMS function

Gardeco has knowledge of many different databases and always works to ensure that the customer gets all the information from their existing business system when they move over to Gardeco. iP1 SMS collaborates with Gardeco, which has an integrated SMS function for customers to be able to notify customer orders. Gardeco also has support for manually sending [...]