SMS services from iP.1

iP.1 Networks, a software company specializing in communications

Since iP.1 started 20 years ago, we have taken pride in trying to make the complex into something simple and user-friendly. It is noticeable both in our SMS services, how we perform them and the way we are.

We make it possible for companies to communicate with customers, members or colleagues in the fastest way possible!

our history

iP.1 started in 2003 with the goal of delivering secure and reliable Internet access to businesses in Skövde, Sweden. To be able to offer this, we built our own network based on wireless technology. In this way, we were able to offer our customers the most cost-effective and flexible solution. Our wireless network currently covers the entire Skövde municipality.

We previously also offered smart WiFi networks and special radio technology that made it easy to connect data traffic to and from different points, for example properties, without having to run cables.

So the first SMS service was born

To monitor our own wireless network, we needed a fast and stable monitoring system. Therefore, we created an SMS system that automatically sent SMS reports to our technicians as soon as something unexpected happened. In this way, we were able to start troubleshooting quickly and also solve many problems before the customer was affected. It wasn't long before the first customer asked if we could monitor their own hardware using our SMS Gateway.

We have continued to develop new services together with our customers. Like when a priest from the Church of Sweden wanted help with sending SMS to reach out with short messages to confirmands. Some time later, a web application was created where it was possible to log in to send SMS in a fast and cost-effective way. Thus, the first version of Web SMS was born! Since then, we have continued to grow at a rapid pace and now we only focus on developing smart SMS solutions.

Our DNA = Simple

iP.1 strives to develop communication services that are easy to use. Simplicity has been a core value in our business right from the start, whether it's navigating our website, sending an SMS from one of our web services or creating a survey in the One Survey survey service. We are constantly working on the user-friendliness of our services to make it even easier to communicate using iP.1's platform!

iP.1 Through the Ages

During 20 years, a lot has happened in the software industry. Take a look at the video below for some highlights of the iP.1's history.