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SMS is a communication channel that offers an incredible number of uses

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One Survey, a software with simplicity in focus!

As you ask, you get answers. We believe that the most important thing to consider when conducting a survey is to motivate your respondents to actually answer. Therefore, we have developed a survey solution that allows you to ask the important questions through any channel! With One Survey from iP.1 you can of course [...]

Start the end of the summer with surveys via SMS for increased dialogue and knowledge!

After enjoying the summer, for most of us the priority is now on our work and customer relationships. New products and services must be launched, conferences planned and customer contacts nurtured. Our survey and analysis tool Analys-SMS makes it easy and flexible to get started with gathering knowledge needed for continued operations. […]

Nothing provides such quick information as surveys via SMS

What do your customers think? How did they experience the trip they were on or the conference? What did they think of the service you provided or the product they purchased? How do they think you can improve? The opportunities to capture knowledge and experience from your customers, visitors, patients, members or employees are great - if you get them to [...]

How do your customers value your company?

Move the customer's heart closer Where your customers are on the scale is a fresh commodity, but with One Survey you have a living value meter in your hand. It gives you quick results and the tools to quickly catch unhappy customers and do what you can to move them on the scale towards being satisfied and at least […]

How do I create a good survey?

When it comes to surveys, the most important factor is the response rate. We at iP.1 have worked hard to create a survey tool that gives you a higher than average response rate. We wanted to share the experience we have when it comes to creating and sending surveys and have therefore created a [...]

Advantages of mobile surveys and surveys

We've said it before and we'll say it again, mobile surveys are the future. But what are the real benefits of sending out mobile surveys and surveys? Below we list some strong points Short response time Most people today have their mobile phone at hand regardless of whether it is during working hours, at school or at home [...]

The entrepreneurs lose contact with their customers!

According to an article in today's media, Emelie Ekblad at Microsoft claims that companies only look at market figures and trend analyzes today. Instead, they should get to know their customer. Not too long ago, the merchant understood his customers. The relationship between them was deep and close. By being responsive and understanding the customers' needs, the merchant was able to increase his sales. […]