One Survey, a software with simplicity in focus!

As you ask, you get answers. We believe that the most important thing to consider when conducting a survey is to motivate your respondents to actually answer. Therefore, we have developed a survey solution that allows you to ask the important questions through any channel!

With One Survey from iP.1, you can of course send your surveys directly via SMS and e-mail, but also via smart links that you can spread in any channel you want! Why not embed a smart link on your website, in social media, or directly in your email signature?

The new One Survey allows you to create everything from simple questions, to advanced customer surveys with question logic that allows you to collect data in depth! All this in a simple and user-friendly web interface. Of course, you also have the option to integrate One Survey via our API to create and send your own responsive surveys automatically.

Get feedback for real, with One Survey

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