Start the end of the summer with surveys via SMS for increased dialogue and knowledge!

After enjoying the summer, for most of us the priority is now on our work and customer relationships. New products and services must be launched, conferences planned and customer contacts nurtured. Our survey and analysis tool Analys-SMS makes it easy and flexible to get started with gathering knowledge needed for continued operations. All through SMS, which is today the easiest way to quickly get answers to your questions.

What do you want to know about your customers? Maybe you want to know how they experienced the summer's trip, holiday accommodation or stay somewhere? Maybe they bought a product that you would like customer feedback on? Think through 4-5 short and concrete questions and then you can use one of our survey templates in Analysis-SMS. We have industry-specific ones to make it extra easy. It is also easy to fix them according to your graphic template. Done and then of course you can also send out the survey via Analysis SMS.

We have obviously also thought about the follow-up. Follow up on the response rate and send reminders, and finally, analysis and evaluation are done easily in Analys-SMS and it can also be integrated into already existing CRM systems.

Please read more about how our Analysis-SMS tool works on our website or contact us because we will be happy to answer questions or help you get started quickly. The summer isn't over yet, so let Analysis-SMS do the job and there will perhaps be a little extra time left for the hopefully sunny days during the rest of August or why not hope for a nice September as well.