Nothing provides such quick information as surveys via SMS

What do your customers think? How did they experience the trip they were on or the conference? What did they think of the service you provided or the product they purchased? How do they think you can improve?

The opportunities to capture knowledge and experience from your customers, visitors, patients, members or employees are great – if you get them to respond. A lot of people are tired of answering extensive surveys by phone or letter today. But there is a method with both a fast and high response rate and that is by sending surveys via SMS.

It then involves concentrating your investigation or evaluation around a few important questions, which then provide a quick and broad response and thus a good basis for analysis.

The easiest way to quickly get started with surveys via SMS is to use a ready-made survey tool. A handy example is Analysis SMS from iP.1. It contains several ready-made survey templates that can be easily adapted to your graphic profile. It also gives you the opportunity to easily send reminders to those who have not responded, as well as a range of options for graphical reporting and access to raw data directly in the web application, says Leif Alvarsson, CEO at iP1.

The latter is extremely important in a good survey tool, because it is the result of the survey that is of interest to the customer. continues Leif.

There is a lot to think about in order to create a good survey and questionnaires in order to partly get a fast and good response rate, partly to get a result that provides a good analysis.

You can motivate a high response rate by linking to some form of reward. It can be discounts, participation in a raffle, but also just things that the participation itself contributes to an improved product or service.

Rather ask a few questions, 4-5 pieces, and do surveys more often than bombard with a large battery of questions. It requires a little more thought in formulating the question. Something we took note of in Analysis-SMS, where we developed industry-specific survey templates together with behavioral scientists and researchers, notes Leif Alvarsson.

The questions should preferably also be concrete and short. And why not test the survey on a few employees or a small sample of your target group. It may be worth the effort to get a high response rate to the sharp mailing. Finally - don't forget to remind those who haven't responded. This is also done easily with, for example, Analysis SMS.

The advantage of conducting surveys via SMS is also that if you use a tool such as Analysis-SMS, it is connected to the processing and analysis of the received responses. This makes it easy to work with, for example, Net Promoter Score, NPS or Satisfied Customer Index, NKI.

Measurements of, for example, NKI, our customers can via our NKI API connect directly to their own systems, for example CRM, and where we help with the integration, says Leif. We can then also automate a report service so that customers who do continuous surveys or surveys receive monthly reports with key data delivered directly to their inbox from the system.

It is clear that the opportunities to gain knowledge and experience from customers, members, visitors etc. have become both greater and easier with the entry of tools such as Analysis-SMS on the market.