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SMS is a communication channel that offers an incredible number of uses

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SMS reminders are a flexible and effective method of communication

In today's fast-paced world, SMS reminders are a useful way to communicate with people quickly and personally. By sending short messages to mobile phones, companies and organizations can remind people of important meetings and deadlines wherever they are. SMS reminders are popular for several reasons. They help businesses make sure customers don't miss […]

Fast and effective crisis communication

How do you quickly and efficiently reach out to employees, customers or members? One of the fastest and most effective ways is of course via SMS. In a situation that requires that information needs to be communicated quickly to recipients, such as the social situation is right now with viruses that are spreading and causing various kinds of disturbances among […]

Strengthen your customer relations with SMS

Good customer relations are the basis for loyal and satisfied customers. With digital communication, it is possible to create a more personal dialogue with the customer, which increases the company's chances of loyal customers, more sales and better business. Today, companies encourage consumers to take the first step to contact, which many times fails because it is too time-consuming […]

This is how you use SMS communication in new ways

SMS communication is a very fast and effective way to reach customers. In just a few seconds, SMS is sent out to as many customers as you want, hundreds or thousands. Many companies use SMS communication in marketing campaigns because it is time and cost effective. The most common way is to send an SMS with a special offer on a product [...]