This is how you use SMS communication in new ways

SMS communication is a very fast and effective way to reach customers. In just a few seconds, SMS is sent out to as many customers as you want, hundreds or thousands. Many companies use SMS communication in marketing campaigns because it is time and cost effective. The most common way is to send an SMS with a special offer on a product or service. Which of course is attractive to customers, but why stop there? You can actually be more creative and innovative and use SMS sending in completely new ways.

1. Valuable feedback from customers and employees
What is more valuable than being able to get direct feedback from one's customers? With SMS communication, you can easily ask your customers for feedback and use it to realize their wishes. Feel free to appreciate your customers' commitment by giving them a small gift, e.g. 10-20 % discount on a product or service. SMS communication can also be used internally to get feedback from employees. What would you like to know? Perhaps you are interested in measuring job satisfaction, work motivation or performance.

2. Smooth and fast recruitment
Why not recruit via SMS? If you need temporary staff, you can easily send out an SMS with a request for staff on a first-come, first-served basis. You don't have to spend time and energy calling around to everyone and asking.

3. Increased web traffic
20-25 % opens a newsletter sent via e-mail while 98 % reads an SMS sent to them. By adding URL (web address) to SMS sent out to customers, you are guaranteed to get more web traffic. 

4. Send a reminder and a thank you
If your business is based on appointments with customer meetings, you can send a reminder SMS to your customers to minimize missed appointments. Reminder SMS is, among other things, popular in blood donation. Blood donors receive a reminder before a scheduled donation. In Sweden, blood donors even receive a thank you SMS when their blood has been used and hopefully saved a life, with the hope of inspiring blood donors to continue giving blood.

5. Educate your customers
In Kenya, SMS communication is used to educate new mothers who do not have access to care. Every week SMS is sent with tips and advice on how to take care of and care for their newborn baby.

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