Strengthen your customer relations with SMS

Good customer relations are the basis for loyal and satisfied customers. With digital communication, it is possible to create a more personal dialogue with the customer, which increases the company's chances of loyal customers, more sales and better business.

Today, companies encourage consumers to take the first step to contact, which many times fails because it is too time-consuming or is forgotten. This threshold can be easily reduced with SMS. Instead of urging consumers to go online or call, offer them to contact via SMS to, for example, get more information, register interest, place an order or direct purchase. The first SMS is the beginning of your relationship which will gradually grow and strengthen with more and more messages. SMS is an excellent platform to communicate with consumers throughout their customer journey. Parking companies, for example, create the first contact when the customer pays for the parking by SMS. The contact continues with an SMS confirmation of the purchase and later an SMS reminder when the parking time starts to run out. Which step in the customer journey can your company strengthen via SMS?

6 tips on how you can strengthen customer relations with SMS

  1. Early contact - Contact customers directly via SMS. Offer them to contact you via SMS instead of calling or visiting your website.
  2. Order and delivery confirmation - For customers, it is important to be able to follow their order. Make your customers happy by keeping in touch with them via SMS that contains ongoing information about order status and delivery notices.
  3. Update and inform - Inform customers about important and interesting things such as new product launches, product and service updates, events, special offers, sales and travel information. Customers who are on the move appreciate receiving updated information about check-in and departure times, hotel reservations, tickets, etc. Tried to personalize mailings to strengthen the customer relationship even more.
  4. Report problems as early as possible - Customers deal with potential problems better if they receive information proactively rather than at the last second. With SMS, it is easy to inform customers about, for example, delays, changed meeting times or temporary interruptions and apologize for it.
  5. Remind what is important - Strengthen existing customer relationships by reminding customers of important things that they easily forget in all the stress. It can be anything from tire changes, to dentist visits to the loan period for a book running out. Why not send a payment reminder or a reminder to renew a subscription or subscription?
  6. follow up - SMS is an effective tool to quickly and easily follow up a purchase and customer experience. A market survey or customer survey can be done entirely via SMS or an SMS can be sent out with a link to the survey.


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