Fast and effective crisis communication

How do you quickly and effectively reach out to employees, customers or members?
One of the fastest and most efficient ways is of course via SMS. In a situation that requires that information needs to be communicated quickly to recipients, such as the social situation is right now with viruses that are spreading and causing various kinds of disruptions to, among other things, the business world, SMS is an unbeatable way of contact.

If it is also a situation where the frequency of communication needs to be at a relatively high level due to, for example, changed circumstances, then this also speaks for SMS as a good contact method, as the statistics clearly show that recipients quickly and to a large extent absorb information. In the past, however, a lot of technical preparatory work was required, such as connecting an IT department for each dispatch if it involved large volumes of SMS. They also had to put in a lot of work to make the shipment possible. Today, however, the iP1 has a technology that can easily send bulk SMS messages. With the new Capacity-SMS service, the sender can do it quickly, smoothly and easily in the tool's web interface.

In addition, it can handle hundreds of thousands of SMS and it is possible to adapt the target group. Just import all contacts and get started.