Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the beautiful month of May

How many times do we not pick up the mobile phone during the waking hours of the day? How many times is it not because of a received SMS? Think about your own use of the mobile phone. What makes you react the fastest to picking up the phone - a text message or an email?

Measurements show that the response level is on average 7.5 times higher for SMS. That is one of the reasons why iP.1 Network's customers use our SMS services. They have realized the strength of SMS as an important part of their marketing strategy. SMS can be used as a campaign in itself through discount codes or to push for, for example, sales campaigns or other forms of campaigns where SMS can be seen as a secondary media. It can be used to link to web pages with products or promotional sites or to apps.

Just by sending SMS with information or advertising messages, you simultaneously send your brand right into the phone. Used correctly, it also contributes to building awareness of your brand.

We at iP.1 Network have extensive experience in marketing and providing information with SMS. We are happy to share both knowledge and ideas that can contribute to strong SMS marketing. We have customers all over the world who use our services as Web-SMS, e-SMS (integrated in MS-Outlook) or SMS-gateway where our services have been integrated into the customer's own system.

Don't just let spring spread in May, but also let yourself be inspired to spread your spring messages to your customers with the help of SMS