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SMS Gateway

Are you looking for a secure and reliable SMS Gateway that is easy to use? Then you have found the right place! iP.1 SMS Gateway is the perfect solution for companies and organizations that want to improve their communication.

We offer a variety of features and services via our SMS API to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We also have a team of experts who can help you get started and answer your questions. With our sample code, it's also easy to get started!

How does an SMS Gateway work?

Simply explained, SMS Gateway (Also called SMS API) is software that connects your system or application with the mobile network. It allows you to send and receive SMS directly integrated into your own software, for example to send out automatic SMS alerts or one-time passwords.

By using our SMS Gateway you can take advantage of the power of SMS communication. Our system is flexible and user-friendly, making it easy to get started.

Rixdata and integrates SMS from iP.1 in the software WinEazy Guld
Unikum integrates services from iP.1
TietoEvry integrates SMS from iP.1 into the BESCHED and eCompanion software
Systemhouse integrates SMS Gateway from iP.1
Skibarsystems integrates SMS from iP.1
Salon Booking integrates services from iP.1
Lime integrates SMS from iP.1
iOL Tool integrates SMS from iP.1
Tersus integrates services from iP.1
HRM Software integrates SMS from iP.1
Gardeco Business system integrates SMS from iP.1
Flex Applications integrates SMS from iP.1 into the Flex HRM software
Broadview integrates SMS from iP.1
aSTRa Web Integrates SMS from iP.1

"In our staffing and schedule planning system, Flex HRM Plan, the supervisor or a manager can send out a work shift request via SMS to the employees, who respond with an SMS whether they can take the passport or not. If the answer is yes, the work shift is automatically added to the system. It works great!"

Lena Eriksson - Marketing Communicator, Flex Applications

As simple as that!

  • Start with a free deverloper account. It only takes a few minutes and you get access to our API
  • Select the language you are most comfortable with. We offer code samples in the most common languages.
  • Copy and paste the code from our code examples in your system or application. It's the easiest way to get started.
  • Read our API documentation for more information on how to integrate SMS Gateway into your system or application.

With the help of our extensive documentation page, you can easily create an automated SMS flow in your own system or software in no time.

A secure SMS Gateway

A secure SMS Gateway is critical to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and reliability of SMS as a communication channel. That's why we prioritize security in everything we develop at iP.1.

Do you need help?

No problem! Our development team is ready to guide you in your integration, just give us a call or send us a mail and we will help you!

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Our SMS Gateway offers Loads of functionality

Our SMS Gateway is filled with functionality so that you can automate your whole SMS flow!

  • Integrated blacklist
  • Scheduling
  • Two factor-authentication
  • Priority system
  • Contact system
  • Smart templating
  • Opt-out
  • Two-way SMS traffic
  • Mail2SMS
  • Flash SMS
  • Time windows
  • Landing pages
  • Surveys

Send and Receive SMS

With our virtual numbers, you can both send and receive SMS in your own software in order to facilitate communication with your recipients. At the same time, you can collect information for our integrated contact API by sending keywords via SMS to a virtual number.

Via our webshop you can easily order a virtual number with a Swedish country code (+46). We can of course also arrange a virtual number with a different country code. Contacts us for more information.

Save time and money!

In short, an effective SMS Gateway can save you both time and money. We offer payment models that allow you to keep track of your costs, for example post-invoicing with a favorable unit price in the form of a monthly subscription or our balance model that can be compared to a cash card. You can also top up the Balance when it runs out via our apps or through our webshop.

Do you expect to ship large volumes? Then you are welcome to contact us then we'll make sure you get a quote based on your expected volumes.

Do you need help with the integration?

Do you want us to help you integrate SMS in your app or on your website? No problem, we offer affordable consulting when it comes to integrating our APIs. You can always contact us for a quote or if you have other questions about integration.

Image illustrating a code terminal window to integrate the iP.1 SMS Gateway

Automate SMS sendings

With our SMS Gateway, you can automate daily routines that were previously done manually, such as automatic SMS confirmations of booked visits a few days before the visit, password generation via SMS, two-factor authentication via SMS, SMS reminders for unpaid invoices and much more . To summarize, most things in SMS communication become possible with our smart and powerful SMS API.

SMS sending with different sender IDs

With our SMS Gateway, you can easily connect different senders to different areas, for example one for appointment bookings, one for password management and so on. Here you create your own smart integrated SMS application with lots of powerful functions.

Time controlled reminders

In our SMS API there are functions that make it easy to choose when you want SMS to be sent from your system. Above all, iP.1 offers a stable and secure SMS Gateway regardless of the programming language you use. It's designed to be easy to get started with, so you can start using it without any hassle. At the same time, we offer sample code that you can use to quickly get started with the connection to our SMS Gateway. Likewise, you can manage and send larger SMS messages via our web application with one and the same account, for example sending SMS campaigns or larger information messages