This is how your webshop grows with SMS sending

SMS sending opens up new opportunities for companies with a webshop. With SMS, customer relations can be strengthened and sales can increase. For example, customers use a discount coupon sent via SMS 10 times more than a paper coupon with the exact same offer. 

6 tips on how SMS sending makes your webshop grow 

Follow customer behaviors 
Monitor and analyze customer behavior. What makes them buy? What is the reason they just browse and don't make a purchase? If a customer does not buy anything, an encouraging SMS can be sent to the customer with an attractive special offer on the very product the customer has shown interest in or alternatively 5-10% a discount on a purchase. 

Increase the security 
Some customers feel a certain uncertainty when shopping online. This uncertainty around safe and secure payments can be reduced with SMS. Before a payment is to be made, an SMS with a one-time code can be sent to the customer, which the customer needs to key in on the website to confirm the purchase. 

Offer SMS with delivery information
When a customer has shopped online, they want to track their delivery. Keep your customers updated on the delivery process with SMS. 

SMS customer service
With SMS, customers can easily communicate with the company. They can post comments and ask questions. For example, if a customer discovers a problem with a product, he or she can easily text the problem to customer service and get quick help. 

Show appreciation and gratitude to loyal customers 
Care for and draw attention to your loyal customers by giving them extra offers on goods and services via SMS. 

Attract new customers with SMS
Send SMS with a special offer to new customers to get those interested to visit the online shop. 

We at iP.1. happy to help your webshop grow with our various SMS services!