Now we are launching a new webshop and a new version of WebbSMS

With our new webshop, it will be even easier to top up your account with SMS balance and activate services and extra services. Now you can also shop directly, regardless of whether you have an account or not. For new customers, an account is created directly at checkout.

With our smart SMS calculator, you always have an idea of ​​how much it costs, as well as how many SMS you can send for your balance. All you have to do is pull the slider for total cost control!

Do you want to send SMS abroad? With the push of a button, you end up in the international section, with international SMS prices, directly in the shop!* Of course, we support most payment cards as well as invoice purchases. Another big change is the reduced SMS prices at the respective balance level. Send SMS from 33 öre/sms! For larger volumes, you are of course welcome to contact us directly.

WebSMS 3.5
At the same time as we launch the shop, we also release a new version of WebbSMS. Now, among other things, it will be easier to distinguish between group mailings and individual mailings, AnalysisSMS Basic is included free of charge in WebSMS!

Updates in latest release:

  • New color marking on group mailings
  • Mark your incoming SMS as read
  • Notification system – a sound is played when you receive an SMS
  • Reset your password via email
  • Add contacts manually to your block list
  • Survey SMS Basic is now included in WebSMS at no extra cost! The surveys have a unit price and are deducted directly from your SMS balance (The possibility to lower the unit price is available when upgrading AnalysSMS) Do you already have an Analys contract? Contact us for more information regarding the new payment method.

*If you previously had a Swedish account, you need to create a new, international account to gain access to the international price list