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Little SMS school

four steps to SMS Marketing that makes an impact If you follow the steps below, you are well on your way to creating a powerful marketing channel directly into the hearts of your customers And remember: SMS is and will remain an effective channel, 90 percent of all SMS are read within 90 seconds! Step 1: Valid numbers and data […]

New Web SMS

What is the difference between old and new Web SMS? Web SMS has been a trusted go-to web service for communicating using SMS for over 15 years. Now we are launching a completely new version of Web SMS, based on modern web technology and with communication as the main focus. New Web SMS uses the same modern […]

Everything you need to know about SMS

What is an SMS? SMS is an acronym and stands for Short Message Service, and is a simple form of text message. Historically, SMS was developed as part of the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard in the 1980s. Originally, the idea was to send technical information and messages between mobile operators. But soon they realized the potential for [...]

Rules for SMS marketing

Market according to good marketing practice with SMS SWEDMA is an interest organization that ensures that data-driven marketing takes place in a responsible and respectful manner. The organization describes its role on its website as follows: "SWEDMA - Swedish Data & Marketing Association - brings together both suppliers and buyers in the Swedish ecosystem for data-driven marketing. SWEDMA brings together the entire value chain [...]