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Laws and regulations for SMS marketing

Market according to good marketing practice with SMS

Its hard to tell exactly which laws and regulation applies in each and every country, always make sure to research and follow your counties specific guidelines for direct marketing via SMS. Below you can take part of SWEDMAS (Swedish Data & Marketing Association) compilation of ethical rules regarding SMS marketing.

"SWEDMA - Swedish Data & Marketing Association - brings together both suppliers and buyers in the Swedish ecosystem for data-driven marketing. SWEDMA gathers the entire value chain and creates optimal conditions for working responsibly with data-driven marketing - and contributing to what a single company cannot achieve on its own."

In SWEDMA's compilation of ethical rules there is a good foundation and guidelines for working responsibly with mobile marketing. Read Ethical rules for mobile marketing directly on the web.

Consent and the option to Opt-out

Two important areas to learn more about are of course how customers give their consent to receive marketing via SMS and how a person can unsubscribe from SMS campaigns.

What does the term "soft opt-in" mean

2.1.2 Soft opt-in

The main rule is that private individuals must consent in advance for marketing to take place on their mobile device (opt-in). So-called soft opt-in is an exception, which means that messages can be sent to private individuals without such consent if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The contact details have been collected in connection with the sale of a product or service from the sending company
  2. The recipient is a customer or has been a customer within the last 12 months.
  3. The recipient has been informed that the contact details can be used for mobile marketing and has been offered the opportunity to waive future contact.
  4. The marketing may only refer to own similar goods and services