Status codes


This is a summary of what each status code group means. The way our status blocks works is that, for example, if the code starts with 1 then the status belongs to the status group Info. This allows us to add new status codes while still allowing your software to handle these new status codes without being explicitly developed for them.

GroupCode blockComment
Info1Informative statues that informs where along the pipeline the message is.
Success2If the message ended in a user defined way such as Expired or DeliveredToHandset.
Rejection4If there is something wrong with the message it self such as length, banned keywords, etc.
Error5If the message was undeliverable or other errors which is out of the control for the delivery service.


NameCodeTreated asComment
Accepted101InfoThe message(s) has been accepted for processing
Queued102InfoThe message has been put a queue for sending
Funded103InfoThe message has been paid for and can be sent
Refunded104InfoThe message has been refunded i.e. its price has been returned to the account balance
Sending110InfoThe message is being sent
DeliveredToGateway111InfoThe message has been delivered to the next upstream gateway
DeliveredToCarrier112InfoThe message has been delivered to the carrier on which the subscriber belongs to
DeliveredToGSM113InfoThe message has been put on the GSM network
QueuedAtGateway114InfoThe message has been queued at the upstream gateway


NameCodeTreated asComment
DeliveredToHandset201SuccessThe message has been delivered to the recipient in question
Expired202SuccessThe expiry date has been exceeded before the message could be delivered
Canceled203SuccessMessage was canceled by user


NameCodeTreated asComment
InsufficientFunds402RejectionThe account sending SMS doesn't have enough funds to send the SMS
SenderRejected403RejectionThe sender was rejected, given when the sender is considered fraudulent or sender ownership hasn't been verified
ContentRejected404RejectionThe message body contained content that is not allowed. Eg gambling, adult content, etc.
RecipientRejected405RejectionThe recipient is illegal
GenericRejected406RejectionThe message was rejected for a reason other than the options above
InvalidSender407RejectionThe message sender is invalid. Eg. Sender is too long, contains illegal characters etc
InvalidContent408RejectionMessage content is invalid. Eg. illegal characters, is to long etc.
InvalidRecipient409RejectionMessage recipient is invalid. Eg. Recipient was is not a valid MSISDN
MissingSmsSubscription410RejectionThe recipient does not have an SMS subscription and can therefore not recieve SMS


NameCodeTreated asComment
InternalError500ErrorAn unrecognized error occurred
UnknownSubscriber501ErrorThe network subscriber doesn't exist
SubscriberUnreachable502ErrorThe network subscriber was not online and could therefore not receive the message
SubscriberOffline503ErrorThe subscriber is currently offline, delivery will be retried once the subscriber is back online
DeliveryToGatewayFailed511ErrorThe message could not be handed over to the next upstream gateway
DeliveryToCarrierFailed512ErrorThe message could not be handed over to the carrier
DeliveryToGSMFailed513ErrorThe message could not be added to the GSM network
DeliveryToHandsetFailed514ErrorThe message could not be handed over to the target handset
GenericDeliveryFailure515ErrorGeneric Delivery Failure
GatewayError516ErrorAn unrecognized error occured occured at the gateway
Unknown599ErrorMessage was delivered upstream but no Delivery Receipt has been received or a Delivery Receipt that could not be interpreted was received