Receive delivery reports

If a delivery report URL is specified when creating a batch, reports of status updates will be sent to that URL whenever they are available. The contents of these reports are described below.

Our system sends the report using POST and expects a 200 OK response if the report is delivered correctly. If any other status (i. e. an error status) is received then the report will be sent again at a later time. These retries are repeated each 10 minutes until an 200 OK is received, or for a maximum of 10 tries after which the report is discarded.

Report Payload

{ "messageId": "5c613848879973045cf39ac4", "batchId": "5c613848879973045cf39ac3", "recipient": "456189040623", "code": 102, "duration": 0, "created": "ISO-8601 string", "segments": ": 2, "price": 0.082, "currency": "eur", "reference": "A client reference" }


A unique ID for the specific message.


An ID for all the messages sent in the same request as this message.


The recipient of the message.


The new status code for the message. See Status codes for more information on each status. Status codes.


Whether the status is permanent/final. If it is, then this is the last report that will be sent about this message.


When the status update occured (i. e. when the report was generated).


In case the message contains more characters than one sms can hold the message will be split into multiple sms also known as concatenated sms. This property indicates how many sms the message needs to be sent.


The price for the entire message. In case you want to get the price for a single sms you can divide the number of segments by the price.


Which currency the given price uses.


This is a property that allows the user to set a custom ID or credential if storing the default generated IDs is deprecated.