RixData Integrates invitations via SMS through iP.1 SMS Gateway

More and more IT companies are turning to iP.1 to integrate automatic SMS into various software. The need for smart SMS functions is increasing and the iP.1 takes on the challenge of integrating SMS into existing systems in as simple and smooth a way as possible.

The most recent addition is the IT company RixData, which since 1985 has built record programs and record systems in the healthcare industry and has created an enormous knowledge of the requirements that are set.

The solution via IP.1 gives Rix users the ability to automatically or manually send an invitation to the patient via SMS in the system. This is something that has recently been requested by their users and which they are now happy to present.

Read more about SMS summons on Rixdata's website https://www.rixdata.se/journalprogram/funktioner/sms-kallelse/

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