SMS Marketing is a very important instrument to increase sales for Your look...for Less!

The International Mail Order Company “Your Look…for Less!” (YLFL) established itself in Sweden in 2012. YLFL offers a wide repertoire of fashion for women at reasonable prices. When YLFL launched in Sweden, they faced the challenge of generating traffic to their web-shop. After the company carefully analyzed various marketing channels, they decided to explore the potential of SMS marketing through iP.1 as a way to engage and reach their customers

YLFL has successfully used SMS marketing to communicate with its customer base and create a closer relationship with its shoppers. This strategy has proven to be very effective and has been met with appreciation by YLFL's customers.

In Sweden, we have worked with iP.1 since 2014. In Italy we started our first SMS campaign 2018. We send several SMS campaigns to our customers each year. SMS is a very important instrument to increase the order frequency and sales for us. We are very pleased with the cooperation with iP.1 The expert advices and the quality of ip.1’s service are excellent.

Ulrike Gode – Senior Manager, and Sonja Paulus – Marketing Manager, Sieh An!

Who are Your Look...For Less

Your Look…for Less is a brand within Sieh An! Which in turn is part of the Otto Group, a global concern headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. retail and retail-related activities with approximately 51,800 employees and sales of 13.7 billion euros.