SMS reduces truancy

The areas of use for SMS are almost endless. Only our imagination sets limits, and Bredängsskolan in Stockholm has come up with an efficient and smart way.
In Stockholm's elementary schools, truancy has been reduced drastically after the introduction of text messages to parents in the event of a student's absence from school.

When the schools started sending out SMS, attendance figures skyrocketed.
The process itself is this: When a student is absent from a lesson, the guardian receives a text message or call from the school. Each week, each student's attendance is compiled and sent home for signature. If the absence is high, a meeting with the parents is booked immediately. And students hanging around the corridors are caught by the school's resource team.

At Bredängskolan, they believe that the frequent and quick parental contact that you can easily receive via SMS is the key to attendance being better than it has been for a long time. Bredängsskolan is one of the schools that, with the help of SMS as a tool, made invalid absences almost non-existent. According to statistics from Statistics Sweden, a few years ago the invalid absence was up to 7 %, and after the introduction of SMS mailings, that figure has dropped to 3.9 %.