This is how customers prefer to communicate with companies

There are many different ways to communicate with customers. But what way docustomers prefer to communicate on? 

OneReach has surveyed customer communications with over 2,000 Americans. The result shows that 64% prefer to have contact with customer service via SMS than a phone call. Many people find it frustrating and time-consuming to stand in a telephone queue for several minutes to finally be able to speak to an operator. Fast and personal SMS customer service is therefore more popular especially with 18-34 year olds, students and parents. 

Here's how customers appreciate companies that offer communication via SMS:

  • 41% think the company shows understanding that their time is important 
  • 28% would recommend the company to others 
  • 23% would be loyal customers 
  • 21% would choose the company over other companies that do not offer SMS communication

Of course it sounds tempting to communicate with customers via SMS! Get started with two-way SMS with your customers through WebSMS and SMS Gateway

Tip! Many customers prefer communication via SMS because it is quick and easy. They expect quick and personal responses, so make sure to meet and exceed their expectations by having staff to handle communications and strengthen your customer relationships. It is optimal to have one person or a team that focuses on SMS communication with customers rather than everyone in the company doing it.