I have an SMS balance but still get an invoice every month

In our system there are two payment models, SMS balance and post-invoicing (Monthly subscription). If you have an SMS balance on your account and choose to subscribe to a monthly subscription, the system will disregard your balance and post-invoice the previous month's traffic.

If you have a balance on your account but still receive an invoice, the probability is high that you have one of our post-invoicing subscriptions activated (for example One Survey, Send or Send & Receive) If you instead want to use your balance again, you can say up your SMS subscription, your SMS messages will instead be deducted from your SMS balance that remains in the account.

Post-invoicing and Balance

  • Post-invoicing: When you have post-invoicing activated, all your fees for a month are collected on an invoice that is sent out at the end of the month.
  • Balance: If you choose to top up your balance, you can use these funds to pay your fees on an ongoing basis.

Priority for payment:

In our system have post-invoicing priority over balance. This means that all your charges are added to your invoice, regardless of whether you have a balance on the account. The balance only begins to be used up when post-invoicing is turned off.