SMS sending to customers

As the mobile phone is almost always close to the customer, it is especially important that the message is relevant. SMS is the most effective and flexible marketing channel when you need to send quick and simple sales messages and newsletters. Optimal for communication to existing customers. SMS is also an incredibly accessible and fast channel. There are endless possibilities via mobile. You can get movies, games, music, social forums and customer surveys via SMS links right in your pocket.

Optimize your SMS sendings with 6 tips

SMS as a channel is a direct and effective channel to reach your customers. With an open rate of over 90%, it is a powerful tool to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and build stronger customer relationships. Below you can read about how to optimize your SMS sendings to achieve the best results.

1. Which target group is suitable for SMS?

Choose your target group carefully. SMS is not a good communication channel if you do not already have a relationship with the person you are sending to, non-customers are a poor target group to send sales messages to via SMS. Newsletters are marketing that fits very well in SMS and ongoing dialogue with customers. With the segment feature in Capacity SMS, you can easily create different target groups based on your contact fields, as shown in the video below.

2. The message must be relevant to the recipient

The mobile is very private and close, therefore the relevance of the message becomes extremely important. If customers receive offers that do not feel important, it is easy for them to unregister. Remember to write straight and short messages.

3. Always use mobile-friendly links

Make sure all links are adapted for the mobile interface. It improves the customer experience tremendously and leads to more exits when they click on the link.

4. Personal text

Avoid having too much text in your SMS messages. Also try to be personal in tone and not too rigid. Use the function [F] and [E] to retrieve the first name and last name in the address book. It should be fun to receive text messages, even if they are pure sales messages. Save good texts in our templates.

5. Don't send too often!

It is easy for it to become a little too much, so be a little careful with the SMS frequency. Remember to choose the sender. There are three options: Text sender, your own mobile number and you yourself receive all replies to your mobile and recipient number from iP.1, then all replies go directly back to the application.

6. Send at the right time

For quick and simple sales messages, it is good to send out when most people get their salary, on the 25th of each month. For SMS newsletters, Thursdays and Fridays are the best days of the week. Generally speaking, to get a higher response rate, it is best to send SMS, both newsletter and sales SMS, at lunch time, alternatively when most people have finished work for the day and have more time to read. One tip is to use our smart time control.