Reach your customers in no time with mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is increasingly popular and has grown tremendously in recent years. But what exactly are the benefits of it and what results can you expect?

There is one thing that your customers carry with them pretty much everywhere, wherever they go and whatever they do. That thing is, of course, their cell phoneThe mobile phone is therefore an optimal way to reach your customers. By sending an SMS, you can get their attention in seconds. All 98 %s open and read an SMS within 90 seconds! 

SMS marketing is perfect for fast and efficient communication with your customers. In retail, SMS sending is used for promotional offers that generate more visits to the physical store. If there is a web shop, an attractive SMS offer is sent with a direct link to the digital shop. SMS can also be used as inspiration for the purchase of new products or before a new launch. In the service sector, it is common to send SMS messages before an event. Venues, for example, send SMS about the evening's gigs and special offers. Restaurants send invitations to wine tastings, karaoke nights, quiz nights, etc

5 advantages of SMS marketing:

  1. Easy - SMS consists of a very short message compared to an email or a newsletter.
  2. Quickly - With SMS sending, you can reach thousands of customers in a few seconds.
  3. Cost effective - An SMS costs only a few pennies compared to letters, TV, radio or billboards.
  4. Globally - With access to global mobile operators, you can reach customers worldwide.
  5. Fast and increased sales - Because SMS is opened within 90 seconds (compared to, for example, email or letter which can take several hours or days), the customer can act quickly and perhaps stop by the store already at lunch or on the way home.

Get started with SMS marketing through iP.1's service WebSMS! We want it to be simple, time- and cost-effective for you to communicate with your customers.