Now we increase the security of our services with the help of MFA

We live in a transparent society and should be grateful for that. At the same time, transparency must not lead us to be naive and too open when it comes to information worthy of protection. Login details as well as logins themselves are things that must of course be secure and protected.

We at iP.1 have therefore introduced multi-factor authentication that our customers can activate in our user portal. This increased security covers all our services such as Capacity SMS, Web SMS and e-SMS. multi-factor authentication, or MFA as it is also called, is based on the user having to confirm his identity through two different ways when logging in.

We welcome both new and former customers into a safer world when sending SMS. You activate MFA in the user portal under the Profile section.

You can also implement MFA in your own applications through our API, which you can read more about here: Integrate the MFA