Send SMS automatically at exactly the right time using an SMS API

Manually sending SMS is not always the most efficient, especially if you want to reach your customers or users on specific occasions, such as a purchase in the webshop or follow-up after the end of a support case.

An SMS API is the perfect solution! It ties together your internal, quality-assured system, for example a CRM system, with the ability to send messages in an efficient way. Then complement your marketing with planned SMS campaigns through Capacity SMS to get the most out of SMS as a communication channel.

A hub for effective communication

An API can be described as a hub. A point where communication from different technical systems can meet and be interpreted to become useful regardless of which direction the communication goes. With the help of the iP.1 SMS Gateway and our efficient SMS API, simple SMS functionality is thus enabled with your existing systems/applications.

When you implement this functionality, you get access to the tools required to responsibly communicate via SMS with your customers and users. If you have no development knowledge or access to developers in your business, we have the opportunity to help with your integration. You can send SMS to one or more recipients and also receive replies to create a two-way communication channel. Please take contact us and we will tell you more and help you get started

Perhaps you want to remind a customer of a meeting, inform about a downtime or run a targeted campaign for a new product or offer. Our SMS API also has functionality for follow-ups and surveys, for example Satisfied Customer Index or Net Promoter Score

SMS is an effective channel for your communication

There are many areas of use for SMS as a communication channel in your business! When you have integrated SMS using our SMS Gateway and our SMS API, you can, for example:

  • send unique or super many SMS directly from your own application
  • send SMS campaigns at precise target group level
  • Send alarms about operational disturbances
  • send invitations to events
  • confirm orders from your e-shop
  • send discount codes and special offers

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