The advantage of SMS sending with Web SMS

SMS sending a practical method that can save both time and money. Web SMS from iP.1 offers a simple web service where you can send and receive SMS directly from your browser. This article goes through some of the advantages of SMS sending and how you can use SMS in your business, as well as some tips along the way on how you can best get your message out.

Why should I send SMS via the computer instead of the mobile phone?

The ability to send SMS via the computer turns your computer and browser into a communication center. This makes managing contacts and conversations easier while giving you more control over your messages.

The flow in Web SMS gives a good overview of your SMS sendings

Effective Communication

For businesses, time is money and every savings is valuable. Managing SMS sending via the computer allows you to communicate directly with customers, including sending reminders and support without hassle. A virtual mobile number also enables two-way communication and conversations with customers or members.

Personal SMS messages

iP1sms allows you to personalize your messages through the ability to include personal details, such as names or other references. It makes your SMS mailings more human and engaging while enabling the communication of individual information, e.g. unique discount codes or order numbers.

A secure communication platform

Security is central to our platform. We protect your messages from unauthorized access with encrypted connections and security measures, including multi-factor authentication.

What makes SMS sending such an effective channel for communication?

SMS as a channel has an opening rate of 98% and is read by 90% of recipients within 3 minutes. Therefore, SMS sending is an excellent channel for communicating with customers, members or colleagues. The information you send reaches the recipients quickly and efficiently, without ending up in spam filters or being sorted out as irrelevant.

Image showing an SMS sending from Web SMS

Fast and Effective contact

SMS mailings offer speed, with direct delivery to the customer for immediate response. It is ideal for important messages such as meeting reminders or booking confirmations.

Less Risk of Overlook

People usually have their mobile phones close at hand, which reduces the risk of them missing important messages. SMS sending gives your recipient the opportunity to quickly take action if and when needed.

Less burden on customer service

Using SMS sending for important messages also means that you reduce the number of calls and e-mails to and from customers looking for answers or confirmations. It enables better focus on complex issues.

What can I use SMS sending for in my business?

With an almost unlimited number of uses for SMS sending, here are some of the most common among our customers

Confirmation of Orders and Deliveries

Easily send an SMS when a customer has placed an order in your webshop or when the product has been shipped. This gives your customer more security regarding their purchases.

Reminders with Cancellation options

If your business offers services or installations, you can send appointment or appointment reminders to provide easy ways to change or cancel appointments.

Important Info and Updates

You can also share important information with customers such as service changes, product news or other relevant information via SMS.

How do I succeed with my SMS sendings?

Short Messages

Considering the limited space in the SMS, this means that you should use short and clear messages, with a focus on clarity!

Clear Sender

Make sure you use a clear sender, which increases the chances that your customers can be sure who sent the SMS, but also consider the limitation. A text sender can consist of 3 – 11 characters, A – Z, 0 – 9 (The length of a Swedish mobile number with country code included).

Adapt to the Recipient

Customize the message based on previous contact with the customer to make it more relevant and personal.

Include Links or Answer Options

If customer response is required, include links or instructions for responding via SMS.